Super Easy 5 Minute Toasted Coconut Butter

Super Easy 5 Minute Toasted Coconut Butter

This recipe for Toasted Coconut Butter takes 5 minutes and has 1 ingredient. (Can something with 1 ingredient even be called a recipe?) And it is so good you are going to want to stop what you are doing and go make it right now. You can thank me later.

Coconut butter is delicious. It reminds me of the coconut peanut butter you can (and should) get in Hawaii. It tastes so decadent that you would swear it is naughty- but it’s so good for you! As you might have guessed, it is packed with healthy fats just like coconut oil is (it is about 60% coconut oil). But it also contains the meat of the coconut. And the meat contains protein, iron and quite a bit of fiber. It is also the perfect alternative to peanut butter for anyone with an allergy or sending food to daycare or school where there is a child with an allergy. There are 2 problems with coconut butter though.

1) It’s a bit expensive; and

2) It’s hard to find my favourite variation- TOASTED coconut butter, which has even  more delicious coconut flavour

The solution? Make your own!

How to Make Toasted Coconut Butter

Take 1 or 2 packages of unsweetened coconut and spread it out on a baking sheet. Bake it at 350 for 5 minutes until it’s golden brown.  Whiz it up in your food processor or Vitamix blender (Canadian link here) for a few minutes, scraping the sides a few times until it turns into a smooth, thick paste. That’s it! Store it in a jar in the pantry, like you would peanut butter. If it gets hard in the pantry, throw it in the microwave for a few seconds to soften it back up.

Toasted Coconut Butter: Recipe Tips and Variations

  • If it seems too dry and isn’t getting smooth after a few minutes, you can add a bit of melted coconut oil
  • Make sure you use lots of coconut (at least 1 whole bag or about 3 cups) so that there’s enough volume for the food processor or blender to work with
  • Add a splash of vanilla extract or caramel extract
  • Add a bit of stevia- try my favourite one: English Toffee (Canadian link here)

Some of my favourite ways to enjoy toasted coconut butter include:

  • Coconut Butter Candy (Gordie’s favourite- “it’s delicious!”)
  • Coconut Bark
  • Coconut Butter Nougat
  • as a substitute for peanut butter in your favourite recipe
  • in a smoothie
  • drizzled over a bowl of strawberries
  • drizzled over a baked sweet potato
  • drizzled over apple slices (and sprinkled with chocolate chips if you are in the mood!)

The Goddess Body Program

If you are losing weight on the Goddess Body Program you can use this recipe during the fat loading phase or weeks 2 and 3 of maintenance.

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Have you tried toasted coconut butter yet? Do you agree that it is next-level?! What are your favourite coconut butter recipes? Please comment below, I would love to hear from you!

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