Our Sunday Night Favourite: Roasted Garlic Eggplant Lasagna

Our Sunday Night Favourite: Roasted Garlic Eggplant Lasagna

Roasted Garlic Eggplant Lasagna is one of my staple recipes. We have it a couple times every month. Anyone who knows my husband Scott knows that he loves his lasagna.  Before I met Scott I had never made lasagna before and I will admit the first time I was a bit nervous, because of the pressure!! But it was delicious. And now that I have perfected this low-carb version using eggplant instead of noodles, it is a staple in our house. I usually make two at a time and throw one in the freezer so that we always have one on hand for lasagna emergencies.

If you have extra time, this lasagna is delicious with my Homemade Roasted Garlic Tomato Sauce. If not, just use sauce from a jar. No one will know! My favourite sauce in a jar is this one.

Roasted Garlic Eggplant Lasagna: Recipe Tips and Variations

You can also use zucchini instead of eggplant. I use a cheese slicer like this and slice the zucchini into long, thin noodles. I don’t usually roast the zucchini first, I just throw it in raw. It does make a bit of a watery lasagna, though it’s still delicious!

I love making this recipe with Spicy Italian sausage instead of ground beef. It adds a spicy kick and lots of flavour. Or if you have a favourite Italian sausage, feel free to use that. Turkey sausage works well too.

The Goddess Body Program

If you are losing weight on Erica’s Goddess Body Program, this is a great recipe to use during the fat loading phase (clean loading for the win) or in week 3 of maintenance.

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What is your favourite Sunday night dinner? Does your family love lasagna too? What vegetables do you sneak into yours when nobody is looking? What is your favourite low-carb comfort food? Please comment below, I love hearing from you!

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roasted garlic eggplant lasagna
roasted garlic eggplant lasagna

Roasted Garlic Eggplant Lasagna


  • 1 large eggplant
  • 1 drizzle olive oil
  • 3 cups mozzarella cheese (shredded)
  • 1 container ricotta cheese
  • 1 handful chopped kale (optional)
  • 1 recipe roasted garlic tomato sauce (or just use sauce from a jar)
  • 3 cups ground beef or sausage (cooked)


    Roasted Eggplant
  1. Slice the eggplant into slices and place on a baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and roast at 400 for 15 minutes, flipping half way through.
    Lasagna Prep
  1. Mix the ricotta cheese and chopped kale, if desired.
  2. Mix the cooked ground beef or sausage with the tomato sauce.
    Lasagna Assembly
  1. Alternate layers of roasted eggplant, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese and meat sauce in a casserole dish. I usually do 3 layers of each. 
  2. Bake, uncovered, at 350 for 45 minutes to 1 hour.

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